Nursery Design for Twins Featured in Local Magazine

I’m so pleased to be able to share some recent press! The first is a nursery design I completed last year, which was published in last month’s issue of Charlotte Home and Garden. I’ll share the other in an upcoming post.   I cannot tell you how thrilled I was the day I got the text message from my long-standing clients: they were expecting! And expecting twins, no less! I knew how much it meant, and how long they’d hoped for this day to come. We got to work right away on the nursery. I’ve worked with these particular clients … View This Article Nursery Design for Twins Featured in Local Magazine

Turning a New House Into a Home

You know that moment right before move-in when you walk through your new but empty home? It’s devoid of furniture or possessions, and maybe there’s an odd color choice on the walls, but all you see is a blank slate and possibilities. Such was the case with a young couple I recently worked with in Myers Park. Their 1940’s home was totally adorable but it needed a little freshening up and a strong dose of style to truly make it their own. We worked together for about six months, on a mostly DIY basis – I supplied plans, ideas, and color palette – … View This Article Turning a New House Into a Home

Summer of Growth and Change at Tamara Heather Interior Design

Summer 2016 was the busiest time ever for Tamara Heather Interior Design. Business grew, the office got bigger, and new talent joined our practice. The workload was such that a little vacation from blogging was demanded. Clients come first always. Lazy days with a good book come second, wine and chocolate are third, then blogging. Such are my priorities. I’ll jump right back to sharing juicy tidbits from the world of interior design next post, but first some vacation photos and highlights from my summer. Speaking of lazy days with a good book…here is my son enjoying his favorite book of poetry, … View This Article Summer of Growth and Change at Tamara Heather Interior Design

How to Shop for Furniture

I recently attended High Point Market, North Carolina’s bi-annual furnishings trade show. It’s a multi-million SF venue for those in the trade to see new products and test out the comfort factor of chairs and sofas. Due to my broken leg, I rented a scooter to get me around for the day. My heroic husband came with me as crutch-bearer and navigator. I’m so sad I forgot to get a picture of myself driving the scooter, which embarrassingly beep-beep-backed up like a truck, but it looked like a less-sporty version of this: As a designer, High Point Market is an … View This Article How to Shop for Furniture

Don’t Learn to Decorate the Hard Way

Last week, while skiing in Colorado with my husband and son, I fell and broke my leg. I wish I could say I was attempting a particularly difficult trail, that it was my first black diamond run. But actually I was on a beginner slope, and the fall was due to my own lack of skill and inexperience. It was humbling to be splinted and strapped prone into a sled, and pulled the rest of the way down by Nate, the 19 year old ski patrol dude. On the way down I tried to distract myself from the pain and … View This Article Don’t Learn to Decorate the Hard Way

Our Blue Ridge Retreat Featured on Houzz

In 2008, with our then one-year-old in tow, we began searching for land in the mountains near Asheville, our first step towards realizing a long-term dream of a vacation home in the area. The house was finally finished, furnished, and decorated in 2014. The result is a refuge of peace and tranquility far from our bustling lives in Charlotte. I'm thrilled to have our mountain retreat, which we named "Seven Ridges" for the views, featured in an article on Read the full article by Bryan Anthony by clicking the link here: A Modern Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or by selecting the Houzz slideshow below. In addition to the credits given … View This Article Our Blue Ridge Retreat Featured on Houzz

My Favorite Before & After Photos of 2015

I am excited to wrap up 2015 by sharing some of my favorite before & after images from projects completed and photographed over the past year. Each of these photos represents a transformation in the life or lives of the people living in these spaces. As our families grow, as children mature, as we retire or change jobs, so our homes must evolve to support our changing lives and needs. One of the most gratifying aspects of my work as a designer is the chance to be a part of that transformation in my clients’ lives. The kitchen renovation shown above was designed for a … View This Article My Favorite Before & After Photos of 2015