Where to Sell or Donate Used Furniture in Charlotte

It’s a question I get asked a lot by my interior design clients: what should I do with the furniture I no longer want or need? Whether you decide to sell or donate your unneeded belongings, there are a number of local resources that can help. Here, I’ve put together a guide to Charlotte area consignment shops and non-profit organizations that accept second-hand furniture and home goods.

A few questions you may be asking:

How do I decide what to sell vs. donate?

Ultimately, the decision to sell or donate your furniture is a time vs. money trade-off. Donating items is faster and easier; selling them takes time but can yield some payoff. How much you can recuperate on the initial cost of your item depends on condition, value and demand – which brings up the next question:

Does my furniture have resale value?

If you have pieces in good condition, from well-known mid-to-high end brands, it may be worth the effort to sell via consignment. Most consignment shops have an intake vetting process, and they will be able to give you an idea of the value and sales potential for your items. For high value items and antiques, you may want to consult an appraiser.

How should I prepare my furnishings for sale or donation?

To give your posessions the best chance at a second life, first be sure they are in clean, usable condition. Wipe down surfaces, bundle collections together, and be sure to gather up any necessary parts that go with your items (e.g. hardware, cords).


Charlotte Area Consignment Services

 If you decide to sell your items, you could opt to do it yourself online, or in an old-school garage sale. The other route is to use a consignment service who will market and sell your items for you in a retail environment. Consignment stores take a percentage of your item’s selling price – up to 50%, and may set limits on how long your item can remain in their shop until it’s sold. There are also typically vetting procedures on which items they’ll take, but it’s worth exploring if you have items of value and want to recoup some of your investment.




Located in the back of Park Road Shopping Center, Classic Attic is a traditional consignment shop that accepts a range of furniture and décor. Their space is cozy, but it’s packed with treasures. When I stopped in, I saw a broad variety of items for sale, including original art, crystal, sofas and upholstery, cocktail tables, and fine china. One of the employees told me they are always on the lookout for pairs of chairs, pairs of table lamps, fine art, and quality throw pillows. The consignment acceptance process is fairly typical – email a photo and description of the item(s) you wish to sell, and they’ll get back to you with an invitation for an appointment.  Upon the sale of your items, Classic Attic retains a 50% consignment fee.




Sardis Marketplace offers a little bit of everything, from vintage clothing and jewelry to home décor and furniture in an airy, 20,000 square foot space located just off Independence Blvd near Matthews. The well-curated marketplace houses over 60 individual vendor stalls, in addition to traditional consignment. To consign with them, you’ll need to make an appointment to bring in smaller items for review, whle large furniture pieces must be photographed and emailed in advance. Sardis Marketplace retains a 40% commission on sold items. An employee I spoke with there told me they’ve seen an increased interest in vintage items by younger customers, who appreciate the quality and unique character of older furniture. She also said that tables, chests, and nightstands sell especially quickly.




For customers planning a move, Fresh Start Transitions provides comprehensive planning, packing and move management PLUS they will help sell furniture and home décor online and in their retail shop in Pineville. I stopped into their shop recently and enjoyed browsing their well-curated room displays, which included a range of fine furniture, art and décor. As with all consignment shops, they do have some guidelines on items they’ll take in – they avoid upholstery unless it’s in immaculate condition, and prefer classic style fine furniture from upscale brands like Henredon and Stickley. They also stay away from most tableware, glassware and rugs. The can, however, help customers organize an estate sale where most household items may be included for sale.

Donate Your Furniture in Charlotte

Donating your used furniture to a local non-profit group is a good option if you need to clear out your space quickly. This has the feel-good benefit of giving your items a chance at a second life in a home where they’re really needed. Plus, there are tax break incentives and benefits to the environment by reducing the volume of things that end up in landfills. While most household items can be donated, there are some exceptions, so be sure to check the organization’s policies first.



ReStore is the fundraising branch for Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization the helps build and repair homes for families in need. They take all kinds of home décor, furniture, fixtures and building materials. I once dropped off several extra boxes of tile from a bathroom renovation. They also offer a deconstruction service, which assists in dismantling old kitchen cabinets and fixtures which they sell in their store to fund projects in the community. You can opt to drop-off donated items to one or their locations, or schedule a pick up online. Check the local Charlotte ReStore website for hours and locations.



The mission of Furnish For Good is to provide affordable essential home furnishings for community members in need. As someone who has volunteered with their organization, I can attest to the wonderful work FFG does to re-purpose gently loved home goods and furniture. Volunteers strive to put together thoughtful, color-coordinated packages of kitchenware, bedding sets and furniture groups for their clients to choose from. Check their donation page for a list of items they accept, as well as drop-off times. For larger items, you can also schedule a pick up.




Beds for Kids is a Charlotte-based furniture bank with a mission to provide beds and furniture to kids and families in need. Though as the name suggests, their focus is beds, they also accept a range of lightly used furniture – tables, chairs, desks, dressers and nightstands. They are one of the few places to accept mattresses (in good, clean and lightly used condition). For a small fee, you can schedule a pick-up. See their website for more details.

Recycle Your Used Furniture

Sometimes selling or donating your old furnishings isn’t an option – particularly if they are damaged, soiled or unsafe. If this is the case, you can bring your items to a local recycling center. Most facilities have designated areas for different household items, such as electronics, appliances, paint cans, batteries, etc. Charlotte has several facilities throughout the region; for more information see the Mecklenburg County recycling resources page here.

Whether you decide to donate, sell or dispose/recycle your old furniture, congratulations on taking the first step towards creating space for new possibilities! We look forward to helping you design a home environment that nurtures your next adventure.

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