Five New Decorating Trends

Trend Report

geodeJust like the right jewelry or scarf can make the outfit, art and accessories are those final touches that make a home feel more personalized and finished. Last week I was up in High Point for the bi-annual international home furnishings market, and while I was there I took note of some of the latest trends in home accents. In fact, much of what I saw was quite jewelry-like, with lots of precious metals and sparkling crystal. Here are five of the latest trends in home accessories, coming soon to a coffee table near you. Or not. You decide.

1. Geodes

geode boxes regina andrew

Geodes adorn these faux shagreen boxes from Regina Andrew.

geode 4 hands

Possibly the largest geode I have ever seen tops a table at Four Hands.

I have to wonder, do we have Breaking Bad to thank for this trend? I saw geodes and crystals of all colors,shapes and sizes on display, adorning tabletops and accenting tiny trinket boxes. So for your next centerpiece, how about a sparkly chunk of rock instead of a vase of flowers? What do you think: oh yeah *or* crystal, meh…?

2. Molecular Structures

molecular lamps regina andrew

Molecular style cage lamps from Regina Andrew in gold and silver.

molecular table

Glass-topped molecular table from Worlds Away.

Also a Breaking Bad phenomenon? I’m not sure, but those molecular models from high school chemistry sets are replicating themselves as table bases, light fixtures and art accents. Fortunately you won’t be required to remember the difference between covalent and ionic bonds to enjoy these beauties in your home. Are you feeling the chemical attraction for this trend *or* is it just too much Weird Science?

3. Quatrefoil

quatrefoil table

Gold quatrefoil table base from Regina Andrew.

fretwork lamps mr brown

Quatrefoil fretwork lamps from Mr. Brown.

Move over chevron. The new hot motif is quatrefoil, that gothic-looking four-petal shape somewhat reminiscent of a four leaf clover. It’s a classic ornamental detail, one seen in throughout the ages in historical architecture of Europe and the Middle East. I saw the motif re-interpreted for today in the form of fretwork and metal panels and as a pattern on fabric and rugs. What do you think about quatrefoil: classy *or* fussy?

4. Gold and Silver Leaf

gold leaf flower lamps tommy mitchell

Gilded flowers, gingko leaves and butterflies gleam under glass on these box pendant lights from Tommy Mitchell. This was my favorite find at market!

tommy mitchell table

Another lovely design from Tommy Mitchell: I couldn’t resist these accent tables, displaying gilded metal flowers under glass.


gold cutwork flower lamps

Gold flower lamps from Worlds Away.

Home accessories are receiving the Midas touch, with hand-burnished metallic finishes applied to flowers, leaves, feathers and other objets d’art. The hand-crafted look of this trend appeals to me, but what do you think, is it just gilding the lily?

5. Specimen Chic

butterflies pheremone

A gradient of butterflies framed and mounted under glass from Pheremone.

specimen table 4 hands

Glass topped coffee table from Four Hands. Rock collection courtesy of Hank Schrader (just kidding!)

Do you have special collection from the natural world- fossils, seashells, teeth? (I’ve been reading the Encyclopedia Brown series to my son and there is a character who collects teeth, no joke.) Now’s your chance to display your precious finds artfully for all to admire. At High Point I saw beetles, butterflies, and of course geodes (double points!) framed or placed under glass. A glass-topped coffee table is an easy way to do this, or a shadow box style frame. Do you think you can get on board with this trend, or are you just bored by it?

Hope you enjoyed my latest trend round up. Happy decorating!


Tamara Leicester is a licensed interior designer and owner of Tamara Heather Interior Design, LLC. She designs casually elegant interiors with an artistic sensibility, often drawing upon the talent of local artists and craftspeople in her work. Dreaming about updating your space? Learn more at