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“Tamara was a fabulous partner in the design of our living room; she took great care to understand our style, functionality and budget. Everything Tamara presented was in line with our needs and she was particularly effective at helping us evaluate options for each design decision. We are thrilled with the end product and the ease of working with Tamara.”
by Jen D.

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    Will Getting Tidy Change My Life?

    One of the things that drew me into the profession of design was a love of beauty, and beautiful things in particular, from clothing to art to furnishings. But having too many beautiful things quickly causes those things to lose their luster, turning them into STUFF. Stuff to be cleaned, maintained, and stored. As a small-house dweller who loves beautiful things but also craves order and a serene environment, I’ve long been on a cycle of binge-purge-binge-purge with my possessions. A sort of bulimia of stuff. Living this way, I never felt I could stay organized for very long. It … View This Article Will Getting Tidy Change My Life?